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06 May 2020 05:01 PM By InfoSapient

Cloud Vendor Options

When you start to think about your next infrastructure upgrade project, remember that when it comes to making cloud decisions, there is no perfect option, nor does one size fit all. 

Migrating workloads to the cloud raises a lot of questions. Should you stay on-prem? Is migrating everything to the cloud the best option? Which cloud provider is the best for my workload? Will a hybrid or multi-cloud solution make the best sense for the future of your infrastructure? The answer is always the same: It depends.
Some workloads are more appropriate for the Cloud, while some may make better sense to keep on-premise, at least for the time being. Some workloads are more appropriate for a specific Cloud solution. For example, if your company is leveraging the power of Oracle E-Business Suite as your ERP application, you may want to run that on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). If however you are running an important business application on IBM I-Series or AIX, you may want to run that on IBM's Cloud. AWS on the other hand offers enormous flexibility, supports a wide range of applications, and is the industry leader in the Cloud space. Again, one size does not fit all and further analysis is required for the right solution.

It wasn't long ago that for most small and medium size companies, almost everything was on-premise. Companies gradually moved to a hybrid solution by shifting one or two workloads to the Cloud. You might already be in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment but never thought about it that way. Consider your email system. Are you running it in a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solution, or are you hosting it on-premise? If you are running an email SaaS solution such as Gmail or Office 365, then you are already leveraging the power of Cloud. If you are also running an application such as Concur, Zendesk or DocuSign, then you are running a multi-cloud infrastructure. Add a legacy application hosted on-site, and you are in a hybrid, multi-Cloud infrastructure!

There may be opportunities to increase the ROI on legacy, on-premise hardware by leaving development or test environments onsite with reduced or third party hardware support. Such a solution can be more cost effective for some of your less important, or non-prod applications. This is especially true for applications expected to get phased out in the next several months.

Moving ERP workloads can present special challenges and are often one of the most complicated workloads to migrate to the cloud. InfoSapient specializes in Oracle Database and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications, both On-Premise and in the Cloud. If you are considering an upgrade to your current EBS environment and are ready to review options, we can help answer your questions and provide advice on what is best for your organization. Let our expertise provide you with valuable information related to the various options at your disposal.

InfoSapient specializes in upgrading and migrating Oracle products, both on-prem and in the cloud. When you are ready for an Oracle Database, E-Business Suite or infrastructure upgrade to your Oracle environment, contact us to get started.

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